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Stuff Sausage

Best Sausage Stuffer

People are becoming more vigilant about what they consume, whether it’s for health reasons like diets or allergies, environmental sustainability, religion, or culinary curiosity. There are many wholesome recipes for all kinds of food that are available to the masses, and we no longer have to rely on readymade. This includes venturing into the world of homemade sausage and [...]

Best Smoker Thermometer

Best Smoker Thermometer

It is almost impossible to produce perfect low and slow barbecues with an inconsistent smoker temperature. A digital smoker thermometer removes the guesswork from grilling and smoking meat, and with it the potential of ruining your food after hours of hard work. The smoker’s built-in thermometer is often misleading as it takes readings inches away from where the food [...]

Electric Smoker

How to Use an Electric Smoker

Electric smokers allow you to smoke without standing guard throughout the cooking process as they are the most automated cookers. They are also easiest to clean andproduce minimal waste in terms of fuel consumption. This has made them popular, but many smoking enthusiasts are yet to figure out how to use an electric smoker to its full capability. This article [...]

Smoking ham

Best Smoker for Beginners

If you are on the prowl for a meat smoker, then you must already be dealing with tons of literature and recommendations. It is especially confusing if you are a newbie, and this is your initiation phase because you have no experience to fall back on. Having danced to this tune, we thought we’d make it easier on you [...]

How to Stuff Sausage

How to Stuff Sausage

Homemade sausage has become increasingly popular in recent times as people become more conscious about what they put into their bodies. Dictating your fresh sausage ingredients is, however, just a step in a larger process of making sausage. Transforming those ingredients into a sausage is a skill that requires experience and the right tools. How you stuff the sausage [...]

Electric Sausage Stuffer

Electric Sausage Stuffer

If you are looking for an electric sausage stuffer, you are probably wary of the elbow grease required to crank manual sausage stuffers. This is understandable, especially if you see yourself making large batches of homemade sausage. You may also be in it for the interest of efficiency and time savings. Whatever the motivation, today is your lucky day [...]

best smoker grill combo

7 Best Smoker Grill Combo

Finding and buying the best smoker grill combo can be as complex as making the perfect roast. This may sound ridiculous, but the reality is that buying a good product is not always a simple task. It requires some basic knowledge, knowing what you are looking for and need, and putting in the time and effort to research and [...]

How to Clean a Smoker

How to Clean a Smoker

You’ve got a big family gathering planned to enjoy a great outdoor barbecue. An expert griller knows that cooking delicious burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, and vegetables for the whole family is unparalleled. People who own a smoker understand all the benefits of having one at home: more flavor for less work. Learn more about some of our top recommendations [...]

Sharpen a Pocket Knife Using a Sharpening Stone

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife Using a Sharpening Stone and 3 Alternative Methods

A knife is only good when it is sharp. It is difficult to make cuts with a dull knife. Besides, using a blunt or dull blade for tasks can cause injuries to your wrists and palms. There are several ways to sharpen a pocket knife, depending on the tools you have available. However, the best method is using a sharpening [...]