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carter cutlery - interview

Carter Cutlery: Interview with Murray Carter

We are absolutely thrilled to publish our interview with Murray Carter from Carter Cutlery who was asked to take the position of number seventeen in the Sakemoto family tradition of Yoshimoto bladesmithing. Murray believes the he is the only Caucasian ever to have had the honor and privilege of this position. 1. You started your journey with knives in Japan at [...]

DC Sharp Interview with Derek Swanson

DC Sharp: Interview with Derek Swanson

This week we decided to interview Derek Swanson, co-owner of DC Sharp, which specializing in Japanese-style kitchen knife sharpening in the Washington metropolitan area. 1. Hello Derek. Can you tell me something more about yourself and DC Sharp? How did you start and where did you learn how to sharpen knives? I’m just a typical dude. I was working a boring [...]

USA Made Blade- Interview with funder and supporter of knife makers from the United States of America 13.58.14

USA Made Blade: Interview with founder and supporter of knife makers from the United States of America

We decided to interview Scott because we love the idea of supporting and promoting knife makers of all sizes in the United States of America. Here's our full interview with Scott from usamadeblade.com 1. Hello Scott. Can you tell me something more about USA Made Blade? How did you start and where the great idea about supporting knife makers from [...]


How to Clean a Knife – Proper Knife Care

Anyone who owns a knife knows, how frustrating it can be when the knife just isn’t clean. Spotted or rusty knives can ruin any knife set and make cutting anything a real pain. Let’s make one thing clear: A rusted butcher knife won’t be cutting anything. So it’s important to know what type of steps you can take to maintain a [...]